Services to Funeral Homes

     What you get
We have specifically designed this package to meet your needs.  For funeral homes that we work with on a regular basis, we will custom design a Case and DVD for your business.  In the slideshow, you will also have custom graphics to display your business name as well.  An online version of the Slideshow is also available for a small fee if you wish to make it viewable for your clients on your website. 

  You Receive
Professionally designed slideshow   
One custom printed DVD and case
One printed backup DVD
Exceptional service and quality
Package Presentation

     The Product
All our DVDs are professionally printed on the highest quality media.  We provide one DVD in a custom designed case that you can give to your clients when finished and also a second DVD as a backup should anything happen to the original.  There are no copyrights on the DVDs so you or your clients are free to duplicate and distribute them or for a small fee, we will produce additional copies in full professional presentation with the printed DVD and case.  

     How to get Started
Just give us a call or email us.  We can get you started in minutes.  Our goal is to make work easier for you so contact us and see the value we can add.  Contact us for full pricing details.

    Try us out... Our first Video with you is FREE    
To get familiar with the service we provide, the first video we produce for any Funeral Home is absolutely free.


Please note that pickup and delivery services are only for businesses local to Kitchener Waterloo area.  For businesses outside this area, please contact us to make other arrangements.    


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