Special Event Video Price List

For our special events, you will receive a full edited video on DVD with a custom designed DVD Menu. A secondary DVD will be inclulded which will have the full, unedited footage with chapter selection. The DVD Disc and outer case will also be specifically designed for your special occasion.
These are our standard packages, but anything is possible. Please contact us to get custom quotes for your specific needs.

Standard Pricing for Event Coverage

Basic Package

1 Videographer – 1 Live Camera and 1 Stationary Camera
$599 for up to 4 hours of coverage – Additional coverage for $125 per hour
The live camera will be a close up shot and the stationary camera will be set as a wide shot.  The final video will be edited, primarily using the footage from the live main camera and the secondary stationary camera is used as a backup shot for smooth editing.  See the optional upgrades for prices of multiple live cameras. 

What We Provide
You receive a fully edited version of the video, with graphics adding your company logo or information to the beginning and end of the video, and name titles of speakers.  Video is finalized in a High Definition digital format ready for online services such as your website, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.  Additional options to finalize to DVD or Bluray are available. 
We use professional level 3CCD High Definition Camcorders to record your event.  High quality audio is achieved by use of our professional audio equipment or through connection to the soundboard at the event.  Videos will be edited and finalized within 10 business days depending on the length of the event and rush service can be arranged.  All rights to the videos or graphics we create for you are yours to keep.  We hold no claim to anything we produce for you unless stated otherwise. 
Additional travel fees are charged for events outside the Kitchener Waterloo area. 
HST will be applied to all fees. 

Add a Photographer
$399 for up to 4 hours of coverage - Additional coverage at $75 per hour
Our photographers use professional level Digital SLR cameras and images are processed for proper colour correction and lighting.  The photographer will cover any aspects of the event you require.  A backdrop can be brought with studio lights allowing for portrait style photos of guest speakers and attendees.  All photos taken from the event will be delivered in digital format either via download or on cd.  These photos will remain your property.  We do not hold any rights to the photos we take for you, unless stated otherwise.    

Optional upgrades

Additional Live Video Camera Operator – $65 per hour
This will provide a more dynamic video as the second camera will pan and zoom to capture the action.  During the editing process, the footage from the primary and secondary camera will be used equally.      

Additional Stationary Camera – $65 per hour
This can be used for crowd shots or an additional angle of the event.   This will provide additional footage for the editing process.  This camera can be made live by adding the additional live video camera operator upgrade. 

Graphical Editing Package – $399
This will add an animated opening sequence with music and allow for on screen graphics or points during the event.  When complete, the graphics and animation are yours to use for future projects or in any other multimedia applications you like.  You keep the rights for them.  Package includes up to 5 graphical screens with additional screens available at a small fee.     

DVD Authoring - $189
This provides 3 master copies of your event in Standard Definition on DVD, ready for duplication.  Additional copies available for a fee based on quantity ordered.  Please discuss your distribution needs with us.  All filming is done in Widescreen 16x9 format.

Bluray Authoring - $289
Bluray is a full High Definition video producing either 1920x1080 or 1280x720 resolutions.  You may choose the format that suits your needs.  This provides 3 master copies of your event on Bluray, ready for duplication.  Additional copies available for a fee based on quantity ordered.  Please discuss your distribution needs with us.



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